Dabbing vs. Combustion/Smoking For Your Health

A Side-by-Side Analysis

For the betterment of the community.

Many countries have now legalized marijuana. Apart from smoking, other forms of indulgence of cannabis have now surfaced, vapes, dab, bake edible forms, or use as topical or tonic. Recently, dabbing has become quite a big craze and is purported to be much less damaging to your lungs, unlike smoking.
Either for recreation or therapeutic, the common man needs to know whether there is any way that is relatively safe to administer cannabis. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of the effects of dabbing on your health as compared to plain smoking marijuana. Let’s find out.


Dabbing and It’s Effects on Health

Dabs have cannabis in highly concentrated form, a chemical called BHO-Butane Hash Oil. It resembles hardened candle wax in consistency and is brownish-green in color. This is heated by means of a powerful source of heat and the vapor released is inhaled. This looks similar to vaporizing, but it is not! Amongst all inhalable alternatives of cannabis, dabbing claims to be the healthiest one!
Generally, the term dab has been used to refer to many substances derived from cannabis though these can be separated physically. Not all concentrates are extracts and not all extracts pose hazards to health.
Bearing that in mind, we need to be aware of the fact that psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is present in a concentration of 90% in dabs. Naturally, the effect accorded by it is also very high. This property is made of dabbing is made use of to be effective for acute and chronic pain. It is highly suitable in such conditions due to its direct effect.
The chief constituents of dab concentrate are cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes which have not ever been proven as having negative health effects either in the lungs or brain. Sometimes a very low concentration of hydrocarbons can be present in some extracts, usually in levels close to 500ppm.It has been ruled by state governments that extract having residual hydrocarbon levels below 500ppm are safe to inhale. Dabs can also be made with extraction using carbon dioxide and ice water also, which are healthier to lungs than using butane. Dabbing does not emit any pungent smell, unlike marijuana smoking. It is mostly odorless.When you consider the negative sides, the extraction itself is a potentially hazardous task. There is always the risk of explosion due to the presence of combustible substances. Moreover, dabbing can result in developing tolerance to the components. This can, in turn, lead to overdose, the effects of which can be quite unpleasant.

Side by Side Comparison

First and foremost, dabbing uses a purer concentrate whereas, in cannabis smoking, that is hardly the case. Cannabis flowers contain only 30% of cannabinoids. This does not have any medicinal effects and it is hazardous to lungs as well. Also, with cannabis smoking, tobacco is frequently used. It is exceedingly harmful to lungs.
Cannabis smoking has a distinctive pungent odor which is not present for dabbing. It definitely cannot be used for therapeutic purposes.

When smoking the sheer volume of smoke that is produced by a typical dosing will create longer term stress on your lungs. When taking a dab the lungs may be under stress for about 1/20th of that time. Both are obviously going to affect your lungs in some fashion, but much more mucus seems to form when using the combustion method of dosing.

The Short-Term Effects of Cannabis Include
On the brain – Psychotic behavior, paranoia, head ache, hallucinations, lowered reflexes and reaction time, impaired co-ordination, risk of stroke to name few

On the lungs – All the heat from the smoke will damage the tissues of the lungs and upper respiratory tracts. These irritants can initiate lung and respiratory tract inflammation. This will cause copious secretion of mucus to wash off the irritant. The end result is chronic bronchitis.

Dabs of higher quality obtained through proper methods of extraction, on the other hand, do not cause any irritation of the lungs.

Cannabis smoking can cause severe allergic reaction in the form of asthmatic attack, chest pain etc.
Long-term effects of cannabis smoking include tar build-up in the lungs, which can be prevented if you use vaporization methods/dabbing. There is also disturbed sleep cycle, causing vivid dreams and nightmares. Some also say that whilst under the influence of cannabis, your body has a tougher time going into it’s REM cycles.

On analysis, it is evident that dabbing of high quality concentrates extracted with proper techniques is safe for health when compared to cannabis smoking. But the risk of overdose should never be overlooked. If you are interested in vaporization/dabbing check out Electric Dab Nail. They have great recommendations and everything you need to know about the proper setup!