A Connoisseur Community ~ For You and Me!

Hello and Welcome to all that come across this post!You may have seen the link I posted on my social media or just ran across this blog in reference to another topic. Regardless of why your here I want to inform you of what we are all about. We want serve as a community, informational source, and whatever else possible!

Cannabis Connoisseur is able to supply you with the best online information regarding the industry. Not only have we proved our name in the industry multiple times, but we have years of experience beyond that to support the content we create. With a team dedicated to staying up to date we aim to never disappoint and provide a community for everyone to share their ideas.

Whether it’s the newest product in the market or most controversial subject, you can probably find it here on our founders Blog. We want to give followers the opportunity to experience something bigger than themselves and grow as hobbyists, patients, and anyone else interested in cannabis or it’s positive properties. 

Example of some fruiting buds.

Our Top Questions: (Via Social)

“Are you going to accept guest posts?”

Answer: We will be accepting guest posts upon submission and direct approval of the article or content itself. We will not accept anything that is not of quality of benefit to the community.

“How do I reply to a post?”

Answer: You can reply to any post by contacting us directly. Visit Will Clarks facebook page to find this information. At the time of this post we do not allow any commenting due to spam reasons. Eventually a forum will be built within the site to allow further communication which will include direct conversation.

“Do you advertise or host promotional services?”

We offer simple features within posts that cost depending on the particular piece of information or product itself. Prices can be inquired directly with the contact information previously referenced.

What to look out for:

We will be soon releasing a review on some of the best dabbing products available right now. Our reviews contain extensive information about the particular usage of the usage of the product and its functions. We give honest reviews that are not biased. You will never find a review that is paid for or promotional. All reviews have been constructed after thorough usage and understanding.

We will be hosting a podcast on Will’s facebook page soon to go over some of the topics released on this bog. If you are interested in participating please sign up for our email newsletter to find the dates and times for our broadcasts.

Other than all of the above, stay tuned and be ready for the epic content that is to come!


CC Crew